Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Base Camp

Guess I'm on a kick of talking about some of my favorite places!

If you are ever in Billings, Montana or Helena, Montana you should check out The Base Camp.

The website is :

You can get everything outdoors and if you are in Billings you can check out my KAV Designs earrings in person.

Friendly people and amazing merchandise!

I feel very lucky to have my earrings in their display cases!!

Click Design that Fits in West Seattle

Anyone that has visited Click Design that Fits in West Seattle knows what an amazing place it is!

Between the Smersh Design Jewelry that features jewelry made of colored concrete/cork and a ton of other beautiful contemporary design morsels it is truly a feast for the eye!
Note: this is a danger zone for the pocketbook because you may want to buy everything inside!

Check out their website, but I hope you have the privilege of getting to visit their fabulous store!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Sparkling Champagne for a Cold Winter Day...

Thought the KAV Designs blog needed a little sparkle on a cold winter day. Here are some sparkly champagne swarovski crystals on sterling silver and nylon coated steel! Enjoy!