Monday, January 10, 2011

2011.....Here I come!

Happy New Year!! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate all the support for KAV designs this year! It has been a very exciting year in jewelry design for me...

What do you do with 6 years of architectural education and 5 years of experience in architectural firms in 2010???? ....... You get creative because architecture is so slow...Time to explore design at a lot of scales.....

A few highlights for KAV designs in 2010...........(things I never would have experienced if I was sitting using AutoCad all day everyday!)

1. Being the Featured Artist at the FriendShop in May and December!! I absolutely love the Seattle Public Library FriendShop and the wonderful people that work and volunteer in the shop....Such lovely people- it has been a pleasure and honor to have my designs in your store! You guys give customer service a new meaning- you're the best!

2. West Seattle garden+booths= very interesting shoppers! And who can beat West Seattle (although I may be a little biased)

3. All the wonderful vendors I have met doing art fairs! There are some very lovely people creating things, get out there and meet them!

4. Seattle Square Market--- occidental park+art booths+club music+hula hooping for college tuition= amazing people watching!!!

5. The support of my lovely mother (by far the #1 earring broker and salesperson) and my friends...all your support and encouragement overwhelms me!

6. Fusion Beads---you guys rock!

7. The Holiday Craft season...thanks to all the wonderful customers!

8. Surprise sales on Etsy!! love waking up to a sale in my inbox!! Please keep a comin'!

9. Walking into my favorite store, The Base Camp, in my hometown- Billings, Montana and seeing my earrings in the display case...never would have guessed this would happen in a million years!

10. All the smiling faces wearing my earrings!

Here is hoping the 2011 brings more wonderful things for KAV designs and for all of you!

Thanks for all the support!!

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